Avoid phishing

IT/cyber crime (phishing) is an increasing problem at Aarhus University, where criminals often use attempts to outsmart other people, when they try to make money. If successful, this often lets them bypass other security measures.

At Aarhus University, we have good tools to minimize these threats, but we must also accept that some things get through our defences. As an employee, you must therefore be aware of how you can contribute to keep Aarhus University safe.

Right now we run a campaign with focus on the concept called phishing, and on how to avoid being hit.

You can read more about phishing and other information security related topics at informationsecurity.au.dk

According to the report Hackere fra udlandet truer danske offentlige forskningsinstitutioner (Hackers from other countries are threatening Danish public research institutions), the most significant threats are espionage directed at research data which can be used commercially or politically, personal information theft, and IT infrastructure sabotage.

It is assessed that the universities are particularly vulnerable because these institutions and their researchers usually are, and need to be, very open.



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