Guest housing at AU

Guest accommodation at Nobelparken

The Nobel Park housing for visiting researchers consists of 28 flats of varying sizes, built in the year 2000. The flats are usually let to visiting researchers at Aarhus University.

Forskningsfondens Ejendomsselskab A/S is responsible for letting out the rooms/apartments at Nobelparken.

Guest accommodation in the old Ole Rømer observatory

Four fully equipped apartments are available for guests by the old Ole Rømer observatory south of Havreballe forest.

Guest accommodation at the Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematics manages 6 guest apartments and 12 guest rooms located at the top floor of buildings 1530 (A), 1535 (B) and 1540 (R). The rooms/apartments are primarily reserved for postdocs and professors affiliated with Aarhus University.

The apartments are three room apartments (living room, master bedroom plus ordinary room/office) with their own bathroom and kitchen. Guest rooms have their own toilet/bathroom but share a kitchen with the other guest rooms in that building.

More information about prices and booking.

Guest accommodation for foreign PhD students at Dale's House

The IC Dormitory for international PhD students is an integral part of the PhD House. The dormitory offers twenty-eight single rooms and two double rooms.

Each room has its own bathroom and there are two well-equipped kitchens for joint use. The building also contains two spacious apartments, each with its own bathroom and kitchen.

Accommodations can be rented by new international PhD students for a minimum of one
month and a maximum of twelve months. The IC Dormitory is administered by the IC Housing Unit, email:

See a description of the rooms.

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