Parking in the University park

Parking area and registration of car

The parking area "Parken, den sydvestlige del" includes the following locations:

The two parking spaces by building 1130 ("Biokæden"), the parking lots with a driveway via Ny Munkegade between the buildings 1520, 1530, 1540 og 1550, the temporary gravel parking south of the building in 1540 and the green courtyard by building 1610 (Aarhus School of Dentistry). There will be signs posted in all areas.

You can create a parking permit for one parking area if your primary employer is Aarhus University and your workplace is in an AU building. Your parking permit is only valid for the parking area where it is created, and not for any other areas. The parking permit does not apply to guest parking spaces with a time limit of 4 hours.

How to register your car

When you click to register your car, you need to type:

The following cars are exempted from the parking regulations and can park for free in all zones (max. 4 hours in areas with a time limit of 4 hours).

  • AU's official cars with "Aarhus Universitet”/AU-logo on the car
  • Cars belonging to tradesmen and other companies visiting/working at AU (the car must bear the company name and CVR number).

More information on AU's site for digital parking

How to create a guest parking permit

If you have a guest who does not have a parking permit or is not employed at AU, your guest has two parking options in the areas:

  • Spaces reserved for guests with a time limit of four hours (no registration needed, but remember to set the parking disc)
  • Parking spots in other zones than the 4-hour limit parking place (registration needed by the host, see below)

The guest parking permit can only be created for the current day and is valid until midnight. All AU employees who are authorised to create parking permits (see the above text box) can create guest parking permits.

The guest parking permit is valid for the ‘regular’ spaces, but not for the spaces where a four hour time limit is indicated, as the four hour time limit applies regardless of whether you have created a guest parking permit.

AU staff can create guest parking permits in the following ways:

  1. Log in the same way as when getting a parking permits for the staff through Digital Parking. Once logged in, select "Gæster" (guests) ..." and enter the guest's registration number. You will receive an email confirming that the guest's parking permit has been created. A guest parking permit can only be created for the current day and lasts until midnight.
  2. The guest (or you) can create a guest parking permit via the iPad in room 308, Bldg. 1130 ("Varemodtagelsen" = incoming goods). The same conditions apply as for the parking permit above.

Please remember:

The guest parking permit is valid only for the "regular" places and not for places where there is a sign with a time limit of 4 hours, as the time limit of the four hours applies no matter whether you have a guest parking permit or not!

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