Mail and courier services


The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics has an agreement with Damco to transport documents and parcels (including packages refrigerated with dry ice). Damco deals with various courier companies, and their choice of courier depends on the country of destination and price. But you can make your own choice by indicating this on the template below.

The procedure for sending by courier is as follows:

  1. Fill out this order form for shipment, save the document and name it with your name, e-mail or telephone number (e.g. andreas Jensen.doc, or 40114807.doc) and
  2. send the form via e-mail to Damco: no later than at 13:30.

Damco will then send you a label, manifest, customs copy and a tracking no.

Before placing the parcel for shipment, please do the following:

  • Print the label and stick it on the parcel
  • Print the manifest, sign it and leave it with the parcel
  • Print the customs copy and leave it with the parcel
  • IF it is a shipment outside of the EU remember to attach a proforma invoice with the contents and value
  • If the shipment includes batteries, fill out the battery formula (last page) and leave it with the parcel
  • When sending parcels with dry ice (see guidelines for sending with dry ice), please fill out this template (and tick off ‘express dry ice’/‘express-tøris’) and send it to Damco with the other papers
    When shipping with dry ice to the USA, we recommend that you send the parcel at the beginning of the week (best Monday) as the transit time is 2–3 business days.
    The shipping companies recommend that the polystyrene box be placed in a normal cardboard box to protect the shipment from damage.
    On the shipment
    , please attach the relevant label (see the rules above) which are located: Science Park: Building 3130, room 103, or "Biokæden": in building 1130, room 311, third floor. Also remember to write the name and phone number of the recipient on the parcel, as well as the weight of the dry ice.
  • The envelope/parcel is then placed:
    - The Science Park:  In Varemodtagelsen (parcel delivery room), building 3130, room 103: to be placed on the table to the right.
    - "Biokæden": in Varemodtagelsen (parcel delivery room), building 1130, room 311.

    1. Please attach a yellow Post-it® sticker to the shipment stating ‘Damco’.

Labels for dry ice shipments

Labels for dry ice shipments (click on the label, right-click and print)

External mail

Letters and parcels are stamped at a central location at the university by the "Internal Mail" section. Place your letter/parcel on the external mail (ekstern post) shelf by the department’s letter boxes (Science Park) or in the room for receiving goods (Biokæden). Mail is collected in the morning and taken to the university administration who stamps and sends it the same day.

For a parcel or letter to be sent the same day, you must put it on the shelf around 09.30 at the Science Park and around 9 at Biokæden. You can also take your letter/parcel to the Internal Mail in the afternoon for shipment if you cannot make it by pickup of the mail in the morning.

Letters will be delivered three to five working days after delivery to PostNord.

  • Domestic letters delivered to Internal Mail by Monday or Tuesday will be delivered on Friday.
  • Domestic letters delivered to Internal Mail by Wednesday, Thursday or Friday will be delivered the following Wednesday.

Do you need your letter delivered tomorrow?

If it is absolutely necessary for your letter to be delivered tomorrow, you can send it as a ‘quick letter’. Write the letter ‘Q’ on the top centre of the envelope, and Internal Mail will take care of the rest. But please be aware that this is expensive: a quick letter weighing up to 100 grams costs 27 kroner.

Special shipment

Internal mail

Internal mail at Aarhus University

Internal mail to all destinations at Aarhus University (AU): AU’s postal service collects and delivers internal mail at Biokæden around 9.00 and at the Science Park around 9.30.

At the same time, the pick up the parcels and letters for for stamping and shipment.

Internal mail’s website

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