Official car

The department's official cars

The department has two official cars in Aarhus:

  • A Toyota that is parked at the parking lot by "Biokæden" by Building 1130
    The Toyota is equipped with a GPS.
    Responsible for the Toyota: Tamo Meijburg
  • An Opel (Jørn Griis' former car) that is parked at the parking lot at the Science Park, Entrance 10D
    Responsible for the Opel: Tamo Meijburg

Car keys and fuel card

The keys and fuel card to the cars are located:

  • "Biokæden" (building 1130, room 311) - "Varemodtagelsen" - the parcel delivery room
  • The Science Park (building 3130-112) - safe behind the door in the photo copying room (user code: see below).

Opening safe with user code for car keys, overhead projectors, etc. in the Science Park:

User code for the safe: Ask Dorte Abildskov or Henrik Hartvig Kolmos.

  1. Press the ”Enter” button
  2. Enter the user code
  3. Press the ”Enter” button again
  4. The door opens automatically.

Locking the safe:

The door locks automatically when you close the safe and press the ”Close” button.

<attention> </attention>

Incorrect entries: After three incorrect attempts, the safe electronics will block the safe for five minutes. After this period, the safe can be opened using the correct user code or master code (ask Dorte Abildskov or Henrik Kolmos). If you type a wrong digit, you can delete your entry using the “Close” button.

How to book a car

The car must be booked via the Exchange calendar like when booking a meeting room (see below). 

NB! Please book the car only for the period you actually need it.

The cars can only be used by staff (and students) at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Click the photos below for enlargement

Open your Outlook/Exchange mail

Open Calendar

Open From Address book

Choose one of the two cars above. Double click the selected car.

Choose the period you would like to borrow the car, save and sen. You'll then receive a mail confirming the period you have booked the car.

Guidelines for official transport and driving authorisation

Driving abroad

If you are going to use the car outside Denmark, please contact Dorte Abildskov, who will take care of ordering an insurance.

Please give the following information:

  • period for the use of the car
  • project number
  • activity number

Agreement for purchase of gasoline

The State has made an agreement for purchase of gasoline.

See the agreement.

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