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Information for supervisors

Practical information for supervisors for students at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Deadlines for the evaluation of theses and bachelor projects:


Students following the prescribed period of study for theses must have completed their thesis (incl. evaluation) by 30 June the year following the thesis startup.

Students not following the prescribed period of study must complete their thesis within the following time frames: 60 ECTS thesis must be completed within 10 months, 45 ECTS thesis must be completed within 7.5 months and 30 ECTS thesis within 5 months). The above time frames include evaluation.

Bachelor projects:

Bachelor projects must be submitted by mid-June and be evaluated by 30 June.

Practical tasks for supervisor

As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to:

  • find an examiner to evaluate the project/thesis. If there is more than one supervisor assigned to the project, the examiner is to be found jointly. We recommend that the examiner is found before the student submits the thesis.
  • send a copy of the project/thesis to the examiner
  • find an ad hoc examiner if the person you wish to use is not on one of the lists of examiners below.
    See procedure for appointment of ad hoc examiners on the websites for external examiners below.
    It might be a good idea to get the ad hoc examiner added to one of the lists if you plan on using the examiner several times.

List of examiners:

  • For Molecular Biology students you will find an examiner from the list on this website You must find an examiner among the Corps of external examiners in biology. Please note that external examiners must not be employed at the same faculty as the person to be evaluated.
  • For Molecular Medicine students
    - bachelorstudents
    you must use a censor from biology (
    - master students writing their thesis
    you must use a censor from "Lægeuddannelsens censorkorps"

Please note: The examiners must not be employed or within the last two years have been employed at the university where they act as external examiners. Members of the University Board cannot act as examiner at the university. An adjunct professor or adjunct lecturer cannot act as external examiner at the university where he is an adjunct professor or adjunct lecturer. Please avoid mutual evaluation where the teacher becomes examiner for the person evaluating his/her students.


Procedure for Molecular Medicine: when the student has signed up for the exam, you will be contacted by the examinations office, who will ask you for the name of the examiner. The examinations office will then send a link to the protocol by e-mail to you and the examiner. Follow the instructions in the e-mail on how to submit the protocol. There is also a name of a contact in the mail if you are unsure of the procedure. The examinations office has got no other tasks in this connection.

Procedure for Molecular Biology and Biotechnology: when the student has signed up for the exam, the secretary at the studies office Pia Veirup sends you the protocol and the papers for the examiner by e-mail. You forward these to the examiner. After the exam, you have to send the protocol to Tina Veirup duly signed you you and the examiner.

Where can I get help?

If you have general questions, please feel free to contact Sofie L.A. Gravesen or Line L. Dvinge from MBG's Secretariat. They can answer many questions, or give you a name of a person who can.

If you have questions about the exam protocols, contact study programme secretary Tina Veirup.

Where can the students find information?

The students can find relevant information of where to hand in projects/theses and in how many copies on their study programme portal:

General information

As MBG's Secretariat receives many projects/theses, they do not have the capacity to inform the supervisor when a student has handed in a project/thesis. Therefore, please contact contact Sofie L.A. Gravesen or Line L. Dvinge in MBG's Secretariat if you wish to know whether your student has handed in on time.

To speed up the process, the student is allowed to submit a single copy of the project/thesis to MBG's secretariat and hand in the supervisor's and the examiner's copies directly to the supervisor. If the student hands in all the copies to the secretariat, these will be send to the supervisor with internal mail.

Useful links

Course catalogue:

List of external examiners:

MBG's secretariat who receives theses and projects from students from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics:

MBG's contact person at the faculty of Science and Technology

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