Air travel

When booking air travel you can either:

  1. book tickets via CWT's travel agents, tel.:  +45 33 63 77 44, or write to:
  2. make an on-line booking with CWT

  3. you can make an on-line booking with the airline.

It is, however, important to note that the AU's contract with CWT continues to apply, and therefore you must not use other travel agents.

It is of course as always important that all rules are observed with regard to always choosing the cheapest possible travel (or otherwise be able to justify why you have chosen a solution that is not the cheapest).

Contact information for CWT.

Duty to register your travel plans in MBG-travels calendar

If you book a flight directly by the airlines, you must register this in the MBG-travels Outlook calendar (see below how).

If you book through CWT, it is not necessary to register your travel in the MBG-travels calendar as CWT has this information.

This is required t as it must be possible for the department to know where our employees are should it be necessary to get hold of one of the employees.

How to use the MBG-travels calendar

Open your Outlook calendar and book your trip as an activity as you normally do. Invite now "attendees", and in the To field your write MBG-travels, MBG, and when selected "send". Your trip is now registered in the MBG-travels calendar.

MBG travels

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