Travel insurance

Staff and students at MBG in Foulum and Aarhus

Pick up a travel insurance card at the department

Fill out the above form and contact either Dorte Abildskov in the Science Park, Gustav Wieds Vej 10, or Birgit Fisker in Foulum. These persons have the authority to sign for the Head of Department. They can also hand out the insurance card.

Pick up the travel insurance card at the Procurement Office

If Birgit and Dorte are absent and you are in a hurry, you can get the Head of Department to sign the form and then take the form in person to the Procurement Office.

Places to pick up the insurance card.

Staff and students at MBG in Flakkebjerg

Birgit Fisker makes insurance cards for staff and students in Flakkebjerg. When Birgit gets a copy of employment contracts for new staff and PhD students, she issues an insurance card and sends it to Bende Astrup, who gets a signature from the person in question and returns the form plus a copy of the card to Birgit.

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