Help to write a news article

Presentation of your research results to the media

MBG gives high priority to presenting research results from the department.

All research results that can be communicated and which might be of interest to others, can be brought as a news article. The journal's impact factor is NOT important in this context.

If the research results are too specialised to be sent to the media, the news will be posted on the department's website only (and possibly also on the faculty's website) as well as Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you have published some results which you believe might interest the Danish population, please contact Lisbeth Heilesen, who will help you make the text, translate the text, take photos and send the text to the relevant media and upload the media release on the websites at the university, faculty and department as well as on Twitter and LinedIn.

Other topics for dissemination in the media and / or on the website

  • large grant
  • honours (eg. appointment as visiting professor, member of a prestigious organisation, international committee, etc.)
  • important event (e.g. visit from Nobel Laureate)
  • etc.