Lisbeth Heilesen has established a photo atelier in the Science Park where she takes portrait photos of all the department's staff and students.

All new staff and PhD students will be invited for picture-taking when they start working at the department.

New photo.

Staff and PhD students who would like to have another portrait photo taken, should contact Lisbeth Heilesen

Uploading of portrait photo in PURE.

All staff and studens registered have a profile site in PURE, and Lisbeth Heilesen will automatically upload your photo once your have had your picture taken.

High-resolution photo.

If you need your photo in high resolution for printing (300 dpi), please contact Lisbeth.

Photos for media releases are normally taken by Lisbeth Heilesen.

Group photos

Lisbeth Heilesen can take photos of smaller groups.

Recommended photographers for photos of larger groups: Martin Gravgaard (photographer at MBG's Annual Meetings) og Jesper Rais (former apprentice as a photographer at AU).