Holidays, illness and maternity leave

Illness, child's illness and child care days

For staff at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

In connection with illness and other types of absence (sick leave of your child's first + second sick day, child care days, senior days) you must:

1) contact your section leader/group leader or other person agreed on in your group.
2) report your absence to the following address:ær, MBG

When you return, you must:

3) send an e-mail to, so that the department can register the number of days absent Fravær (fravaer = absence)

Guidance about prolongation of the PhD stud in connection with illness

Changes of dates for already registered holiday

Notification of change of previously registered holiday and special holiday days - please send a message to with a notification of dates to be deleted and new dates (same number) requested held instead.

If you need advice on the rules and regulations for holidays, please contact Dorte Abildskov (please also note information below).

Please note that

  • all ordinary holiday and special holiday, incl. ordinary holiday and special holiday transferred from previous holiday years, which as a starting point must be held within the current holiday year. 
  • fixed-term employees, including PhD students, must hold as much as possible holiday earned before end of employment, as stipulated in the Holiday Act.
    Planned vacation must be approved by immediate supervisor.

Everyone is asked to plan their holiday accordingly.

1 May

In previous years, there have been various ways of handling the decision of whether 1 May should be a day off.

In some sections, a few employees have had a day off on request, whereas others have been more unassuming.

The Department’s Management Committee wishes to make sure that we have the same guidelines throughout the Department.

As a rule, 1 May is considered to be a normal working day, where you are expected to go to work.

Should an employee need a full or partial day off, please contact the Head of Department, who will in each case consider the request.

Employees governed by a collective agreement - where 1 May is a holiday - are not requested to ask for a day off.

Parental leave