Key cards/keys

Key cards/keys to the department and teaching labs

Before you can get a key card/keys, your health and and safety representative must show you the guidelines for working safely in the laboratory.

When you have had this presentation of safety in the laboratory, please do the following:

1)  Order and pay for a guest key card/key at this link:  

Students with an AU student card (from 2010 or newer) do not need a key card, as they can get their student card activated by Sofie L.A. Gravesen (”Biokæden”) or Dorte Abildskov (the Science Park). To get your student card activated, you still need to get the check list signed, and you need to fill out the access and registration forms (see below).

If you need a key, you must order and pay as indicated below.

2) To get a key card/key(s), please go to Sofie L.A. Gravesen (”Biokæden”) or Dorte Abildskov (the Science Park) bringing the following papers (filled out):

i) receipt for payment of deposit*
ii  form for application for access permit
iii) signed check list concerning safe working environment – the "Safe Work Environment" leaflet
iv) form for registration of for students, staff/PhD students or guests  

*A deposit of DKK 200 for a key and DKK 100 for a guest key card is charged. 

When you leave the department, you must hand in your key card/key(s) to Sofie L.A. Gravesen (”Biokæden”) or Dorte Abildskov (the Science Park), who will make sure that your deposit is refunded to your bank account.

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