Student technicians

Study programme for the technician education (AP Graduate in Chemical and Biotechnical Science) 

Anni Christensen is responsible for the laboratory technicians’ training at MBG, and it is her job to: 

  • inform you and assist in the recruitment of a student technician for one year practical training in the laboratory
  • inform about and be updated with the study programme for the technician education
  • inform and distribute educational documents to the training place
  • prepare all documents related to hiring a student technician
  • be the contact person for the student technician (e.g. maternity leave, longer period of illness, holidays, conflicts, etc.)
  • be the department’s contact person to The Academy for Technician Education (“Erhvervsakademiet for laborantuddannelsen”)
  • receive and reply to unsolicited applications.

The technician study is a higher education (150 ETCS) lasting 2 ½ years, and it consists of three semesters of theoretical studies at The Academy for Technician Education in the areas of laboratory techniques and understanding, biotechnology and chemistry technology + two semesters (one year) of practical training in a company or a public institution.

•  Education plan

In collaboration with the student, an education plan for the first 44 weeks must be made. The education plan must be formulated in such way that the practical training will have the required combination of topics and for a specific period of time.

The following topics are required:
workplace organization and culture
-  safety work / working environment
-  quality systems
-  laboratory techniques

Within eight days after the start of the practical training period, the education plan must be sent to Anni Christensen who approves it and forwards it to The Academy for Technician Education.

•  Evaluation report of practical training

The student must evaluate her/his benefit from the practical training in the form of a written report in which the student briefly describes how the learning goals of the training period have been achieved. The report - consisting of 4-6 pages - must be handed in at the same time as the statement of intent for the final exam. The student must pass a test within two weeks after the hand-in. The report will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis.

•  The final exam

The final exam project must have a duration corresponding to seven weeks of full-time work, and the student must work independently on the project and project report. The educational institution has four time periods, but the final exam must take place as late as possible during the training period. This means that with a start on 1st February, a date around 10th October – with an exam in January – must be chosen.

A laboratory technician is competent of taking care of the daily supervision of a student technician. During the training in laboratory techniques, the student technician must also be taught theory and safety.

To supervise the final exam, the practical training place must find a project supervisor with more professional knowledge (a scientist).

The student technician must participate in MBG's mandatory safety course for students.

If you feel the need, I would be happy to review and present the documents for you, and I am always available for further questions.

All the document for the technician education are available in electronic form on

The Department’s practical plan in connection with the employment of a student technician:

  1. Anni Christensen invites applications from MBI’s employees about hiring a student technician. In case of more applications than students allocated, a priority list will be made and a draw might be made.
  2. The training place makes an ad describing the line of work, and sends it to Kirsten Sørensen, who forwards it to The Academy for Technician Education. If needed, I can help writing the ad. If additional advertising is necessary, special arrangements must be made.
  3. The training place then receives the applications from the students and invites them for an interview. If desired, I can take part in these interviews.
  4. The training place must (together with the student) prepare an education plan and choose a date for the exam project.
  5. The education plan and exam date – together with the selected student’s application and certificates – must be sent to Anni Christensen, who fills out the administrative documents in connection with the training and forwards these to the appropriate bodies together with the training agreement and the statement of employment.