CLC Workbench

CLC Workbench

MBG has an agreement with CLC Bio (Qiagen) to use their Workbench. Latest version can be downloaded from:

where links to manuals etc. can be found as well.

Note: Starting the program requires that you are connected to MBG's network (or via VPN).
Once installed - the first time it is started - you need to select the network licence server (if it does not start automatically then define it to

If you problems with access, please contact the IT department.
- Later you can via the Licence Manager "borrow" a licence (max. one week), so it does not require you to be online on the MBG network every time you use the CLC. The Licence Manager is found under "Help".

How to get access to CLC Workbench in MBG's buildings

When you use the wired network via a wall jack that works CLC workbench in MBG's buildings ("Biokæden" 113x and the Science Park)

When you run the wireless network, then:

Run VPN with


License settings: Avoid IPnr. Instead use:    

Port no. remains unchanged 6200

On a PC you can change the license settings (before starting the programme) in the following way:

  • hold down [Shift]
  • hold down the right mouse button (on the CLS icon)
  • select "Run as administrator"
  • answer [Yes] to allow?
  • select [License Assistant]

On a Mac, you get "License Manager" at the start of the programme if there are errors,
otherwise you can, after starting the programme:

  • select "Help" in the menu bar
  • select "License Manager"