Mail lists for MBG

These mailing lists must only be used by staff and students at the department.

Do not use the list for sending job and conference announcements etc.
Choose instead on of the persons within the research area of the announcement.

This is our attempt to avoid spam. You disturb about 400 people if you send to everybody at the department.

E-mail groups at MBG

All staff and students at MBG

  • #MBG Biokæden Aarhus
  • #MBG Forskerparken Aarhus

If you wish to send an e-mail to all staff and PhD students at MBG, you must insert all four addresses. See the column to the right what to do.

The address #MBG can also be used for sending e-mail to all staff and students at MBG, but only the secretariat and other selected staff can use this address to avoid too much spam.

You can also send mails to specific groups of staff:

All scientific staff

  • #MBG VIP Forskerparken Aarhus
  • #MBG VIP Biokæden Aarhus

All senior scientific staff (group leaders)

  • #MBG Senior VIP Aarhus

All technical and administrative staff

  • #MBG TAP Forskerparken Aarhus
  • #MBG TAP Biokæden Aarhus

Alle PhD students

  • #MBG PhD Forskerparken Aarhus
  • #MBG PhD Biokæden Aarhus

Alle students writing their MA thesis

  • #MBG studerende Forskerparken Aarhus
  • #MBG studerende Biokæden Aarhus

E-mail groups for QGG in Foulum (and Flakkebjerg)

(created on January 2020)

  • #MBG QGG
  • #MBG QGG Phd students
  • #MBG QGG Postdocs
  • #MBG QGG Senior
  • #MBG QGG Flakkebjerg (Torben Asp's group)

Guidelines for sending e-mails via MBG's e-mail groups

  • The department's staff and students are allowed to send e-mails via the lists without going through a secretary.
  • Consider carefully, before sending the email, for whom the information is relevant, and send only to these mailing lists
  • Mailing lists are not for private purposes, nor for the forwarding of e-mails from companies etc.
  • The e-mail lists must not be used by outside persons/institutions/companies without the permission from the Head of Department.

How to select mailing lists


How to choose mailing lists

  • Open your Outlook mail-programme
  • Open "New mail"
  • Copy the maillist address you wish to send a message to (see this page to the left)
  • Insert the maillist into the "To" field in your e-mail, e.g. #MBG PhD Foulum
  • Click "Check names"

When the mail list becomes bold and underlined, the list is registered and ready to send. If you want to send to several mail groups, choose the list(s) you want to send an email to.

Remember, there should be a semicolon (;) and not a comma (,) between the email addresses.

E-mail to everybody at MBG

(click photo for enlargement)

If you want to send an email to all staff and students at the department, simply copy the addresses below into the "To"-field and click "Check Names":

All MBG e-mail lists

In addition to the email addresses found to the left, there are some other selected group and section mailing lists that you can see by following this procedure:

Open the mail programme (Outlook). Open "New mail". Write #MBG in the To-field - choose "Check names".

(click the pictures for enlargement)

Then all MBG's mailing list appear - choose the list(s) you would like to use.
When you have selected the list you wish, they will appear in the "To"-space in your e-mail, and you are now ready to send an e-mail to these groups. When you have selected the four groups shown above, you will send an e-mail to all staff and students at MBG.

Once you have written to the various mailing lists, it suffices to type #MBG in the "To" field for the mailing lists you have written in the past to appear automatically.


Search for mailaddress, person, mailing list

Mac Outlook

(In Outlook, choose the mail function below to the left)

  • Choose "New" (Email Message) or press cmd-N
  • Press the book symbol at right to the "To"-field
  • Write the relevant search text/name etc. (last name, part of e-mail address, #(group/location etc.).
  • Select the address etc. you are looking for and click below to the right at "To", "CC" or "Bcc".

See also Mail and Calendar

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