Canteen in MBG University City

The catering in the canteen is provided by Jespers Torvekøkken, who also delivers food other places at the university.

There are no employees to sell food and beverages, so it is self-service. However, initially there will be people present from the company to guide. Refill will take place three times a day.

Here is the procedure for buying food and beverages:

  • you open the door with your AU access card
  • you take the items you want to buy
  • you check out your items yourself. The cash register is based on do it your self, where some items appear as key buttons - other items are scanned via bar code.
  • you pay by creditcard or MobilePay

To minimize loss, a camera is placed in the area around the cash register.

The prices of the food and beverages will appear on signs, price list, etc. in the area for food sales.

Webshop for meetings, events, etc.

It is possible to order food and drink for delivery in the University City.

To be able to order food via the webshop, you must register the first time with Mona and Sandra at


Contact at MBG University City

Søren Lund (daily running) : +45 9244 7675 /    

Sandra (kitchen)  e.g. if you would like something to be delivered the same day: +45 6144 1999 /

Overview of canteens we can use at AU

You may choose freely from the available catering options

Price list