How to book a room in Outlook

  • Open the Outlook programme installed on your computer. If you don't have the programme installed, please contact the IT-staff for help.

  • At the top, choose "Open calendar" - From Room list

  • In the search function at the top left - write the building number where the room is you wish to book - e.g. 1131 - and hit the "Return" key
  • Choose the room you wish to book (double click)
  • You can now see the room under "Rooms below to the left - click OK

Now the calendar for the requested room opens

  • Double-click the day you wish to book the room for
  • Choose the time for the start and finishing time for the meeting
  • Write the purpose for the booking of the room (e.g. group meeting, thesis guidance, etc.)
  • Click "Send"

After a few seconds, you can see your booking in the calendar for the requested room.

The booking also appears in your own calendar, and you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation of the booking.

Cancellation of booking

  • Go the the booking in your own calendar, double click the meeting and click "Send cancellation" to the left.