Opening hours for MBG

In order to save energy, MBG has established opening hours for the department:

Work days: 6-18
Weekends and holidays: 9-15

Possibility to work beyond the stipulated opening hours by manually activating the ventilation, which can be activated around the clock, where there is no automatic ventilation.

How to manually activate the ventilation (Lab’s only):

All laboratories at 187x are equipped with the possibility to manually activate ventilation using a button at the corridor area “Forlænget drift” (Forlænget drift af ventilationen, Extended operation of the ventilation, see photo below).

In laboratories with these possibilities, you are welcome to work in all the opening hours, but after 19 on weekdays and 15 in weekends, you must manually activate ventilation in the laboratory by pressing the red-dotted white button. Ventilation will then be activated for another 2 hours.

The photo below is an example of the ventilation systems covering 1874-1. Each floor is typically divided into several systems. Names and locations will vary across the building-plans.