Burgler alarm in the Science Park

Burglar alarm in the Science Park

The burglar alarm in the Science Park (the yellow brick buildings) is automatically switched on in the evening. It is still possible to work with the alarm on as it is only being activated by broken glass or by heavy closing of doors or windows. The alarm also starts if you keep the outer door open for more than around 10 seconds.

If the alarm sounds:

  • Check out the situation to see if there is anything unusual.
  • Call 70334455 and give them
    1) your name
    2) the CODE (ask your colleague, if you have forgotten it -all new staff and students get the CODE)
    3) your ID access card number (at the back or front of your access card) and explain the situation.
  • Do NOT enter anything on the display (the alarm stops automatically after 3 minutes).

If you fail to call the number above when the alarm sounds, they will send a guard and the department gets to pay for this visit.