MBGenbrugsen (used stuff) - exchange of equipment, furniture etc. at MBG

If you have some equipment or furniture that you no longer use, please send an email to Lisbeth Heilesen with a photo and a description of the item. Also, please state whether you would like to sell it, lend it out or give it away for free.

The things you buy through MBGenbrugsen are exclusively for use at the department, and therefor you can only pay by giving your project and activity numbers.

MBGenbrugsen - free of charge

  1. Small PCR-machine
  2. Nitrogen container - is no longer available
  3. Incubator


Anna Marie Nielsen
The Science Park

-80C loan freezer

-80C freezer for lending

MBG has a -80C loan freezer

The department has acquired a large Queue -80C freezer, which can be borrowed if your own freezer breaks down or when cleaning your own freezer. The freezer is empty and will NOT be switched on 24-7.

The freezer is managed by Henrik Hartvig Kolmos
The Science Park, mobile: +45 2130 7838, e-mail: hhkol@mbg.au.dk