MBGenbrugsen (used stuff) - exchange of equipment, furniture etc. at MBG

If you have some equipment or furniture that you no longer use, please send an email to Lisbeth Heilesen with a photo and a description of the item. Also, please state whether you would like to sell it, lend it out or give it away for free.

8 PC monitors

  • DELL 27” VGA, 2 x DVI, DP ,HDMI, Component Video, 4 x USB, SD / CF card reader. Pris: 1.000,-
  • DELL 24” VGA, DVI, DP, 4 x USB. Pris: 600,-
  • FUJITSU 24” VGA, DVI. Pris: 400,-
  • SAMSUNG 24” VGA, DVI. Pris: 400,-
  • FUJITSU 23” VGA, DVI, DP, 4 x USB. Pris: 500,-
  • SAMSUNG 23” VGA, DVI, DP, 2 x USB. Pris: 400,-
  • SAMSUNG 22” (2 stk) VGA, DVI. Pris: 300,-

Please contact

Henrik Hartvig Kolmos

Mobil:  2130 7838
E-mail: hhkol@mbg.au.dk

-80C loan freezer

-80C freezer for lending

MBG has a -80C loan freezer

The department has acquired a large Queue -80C freezer, which can be borrowed if your own freezer breaks down or when cleaning your own freezer. The freezer is empty and will NOT be switched on 24-7.

The freezer is managed by Henrik Hartvig Kolmos
The Science Park, mobile: +45 2130 7838, e-mail: hhkol@mbg.au.dk

111101 / i31