Supply centres

Each group is given one card, which gives access to both supply centres. The card will be handed out by Anette Kjems and Nadia Laurs Schmidt.

The person in the group who receives the card is the one who mainly picks up goods. If others in the group use the card, it is the cardholder's responsibility to train them in how to shop in the two common supply centres.

Supply center 1874-159 – tips + products from Hounisen:

Here you can buy tips from VWR as well as various plastics for cell culture, tubes, rod pipettes, syringes, cuvettes, etc.

VWR has terminated our contract for tips, which is why a new tender is currently being made. This means that when we run out of tips at the common supply center, it is up to the individual group to order themselves until a new agreement is in place.

When you shop in this supply center, you fill in the pre-printed notes located on the table in the room. Here, you write down how many you have taken of each product as well as your initials, group name and possibly account number.

The people responsible here are Dorthe Caroline Riishøj (tips) and Anette Kjems (Hounisen products).

Supply center 1872-543 – gloves + products from Life Technologies:

Here you can buy gloves and various media for cell culture, Trizol, ladders, cassettes, SYBR Safe etc.

If you buy products from Life Technologies, please write the following in the book, which is on the table in the room:

date, name and catalog number of the product, number purchased and initials of both yourself and your group.

If your group has not previously purchased products from Life in the supply center, you need to be registered in the system by contacting Nadia Schmidt at email

If you buy gloves, fill in a pre-printed note, which can be found in the folder on the table in the room. There is a tab for each group.

The people responsible here are Nadia Laurs Schmidt (Life products) and Noriko Hansen (gloves).