MBG's administrative staff give support (mainly to senior scientific staff) with the tasks below. If you need help with something you do not find below, or you are in doubt about who does what, please contact Head of Secretariat Inge Danielsen.

Administrative systems

  • Brightspace - Birgitte Larsen/Rikke Mie Rahbek
  • Conference manager (registration system for conferences, meetings etc.) - Birgitte Larsen
  • Emply (online recruiting system) -  Helle Homann (technical/adm. staff + research.ass./postdoc)/Mette Kirkegaard (assistant/associate professor/full professor)   
  • Indfak - all secretaries
  • Labbook, ordinary and administrator -  Helle Homann (with Astrid Munk from DANDRITE)
  • Rejs ud - help with reimbursement of travel expenses and reimbursement of external partners – All secretaries
  • PURE – help creating and correcting profile pages/publications – Birgitte Larsen/Rikke Mie Rahbek
  • ReAp (registration of grant applications) - Mette Kirkegaard
  • WorkZone (research applications, agreements, access and cooperation agreement) - Birgitte Larsen  

Study administration (Bachelor, Master, PhD)

  • Practical help with teaching material – Rikke Mie Rahbek
  • Practical help with exam papers – Rikke Mie Rahbek
  • Registration for courses and exam – Sara Lassen
  • Setup and updating of course descriptions – Sara Lassen
  • Teaching planning for Master courses – Sara Lassen
  • Course evaluations – Sara Lassen
  • Exam planning for Master courses – Sara Lassen
  • PhD-administration – Helle Homann (and Frederikke Kongsted Hansen)
  • Desks for students – Rikke Mie Rahbek /Dorte Abildskov


  • Absence - send an e-mail to
  • Holiday, illness, maternity/paternity leave, etc. – guidance and registration – Dorte Abildskov
  • Office supplies - ordering/replenishment – Rikke Mie Rahbek /Dorte Abildskov
  • Printers - maintenance/replenishment – Rikke Mie Rahbek /Birgitte Larsen
  • Film dosimetry, distribution/shipment – Rikke Mie Rahbek /Dorte Abildskov
  • Telephones - ordering, fault report, taxation) – Dorte Abildskov
  • Working environment/safety work – Birgitte Larsen
  • Planning of receptions for anniversaries, retirement etc. – Dorte Abildskov/Birgitte Larsen
  • Webshop (deposit for keys) - Rikke Mie Rahbek/Dorte Abildskov

New staff and students

  • Introductory material for new staff – Dorte Abildskov
  • Access card/keys – Dorte Abildskov/Rikke Mie Rahbek
  • Ordering e-mail addresses at the department – Rikke Mie Rahbek/Birgitte Larsen
  • Setup/corrections of persons in the PURE (MSK) profile – Rikke Mie Rahbek/Birgitte Larsen
  • E-mail distribution lists – Rikke Mie Rahbek/Birgitte Larsen
  • Photo - Lisbeth Heilesen
  • Webshop (deposit for keys) - Rikke Mie Rahbek/Dorte Abildskov

MBG's secretariat

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This function is being taken care of by staff at the Faculty of Natural Sciences

Secretaries and office assistant

Dorte Abildskov

Department Secretary

Helle Homann

Department Secretary

Job description

  • PhD administration
  • Administrative support during recruitment (Emply)
  • Secretary to the PhD Programme Committee
  • Labbook administrator
  • Registration of staff (MSK)
  • AU Timeløn (staff paid by the hour)
  • General support to staff, students and guests

Job description

Gitte Dueholm

Office Assistant

Job description

  • Registration of research applications in ReAp
  • Registration of material in Workzone
  • Handling of mail and shipments
  • Cleaning in copy room and kitchen
  • Maintenance of printers and photocopying machines
  • Ordering office utensils
  • Room booking and ordering of catering
  • Practical help in connection with larger events
  • Welcome of guests
  • Giving access to buildings for new staff and students
  • Help with archiving

Hjælp til studieadministration fra NAT

Sara Lassen

Training Coordinator

Job description

    Study administration for MBG (bachelor, kandidat, ph.d.)

    • Registration of courses and exams
    • Setting up and updating course descriptions
    • Course evaluation
    • Exam planning for master's courses

    Head of Secretariat

    Job description

    Funding support

    Communication support