Workshop support

Form for ordering service at the workshop

To help structure and organise the workshop’s tasks, please fill in the order form below and give it to the workshop staff when you need their assistance.

Order form  - Word-file - PDF-file

Payment for workshop service

As part of getting the Department’s finances to balance, the MBG-Management has decided to cover parts of the Department's common costs by charging the users of the workshop services. This also ensures that the workshop only solves the most necessary tasks so that the high load, the workshop staff has experienced after two colleagues have stopped, can be lowered.

The invoice price is DKK 300 per hour, and will be calculated for each 30 min.

Examples of what to be invoiced: flow bench service, centrifuge service, repair of non-common equipment, search for information in connection with tasks to be solved and repair of equipment and adjustment of pipettes.

Distribution of tasks between staff at MBG and the technical staff at NAT-TECH-BYG

ST-BYG takes care of the following tasks:

  • Exterior maintenance
  • Interior maintenance (surfaces, doors, windows, fixtures, lighting, including changing light bulbs and fluorescent tubes)
  • Maintenance, operation and adjustment of technical installations (heating, ventilation, cooling, electricity, water, sewer, CO2 systems, fume cupboard)
  • Building alarms
  • Building changes
  • Furnishing of offices and laboratories, including the installation of shelves, etc.
  • Interior sign boards
  • The acquisition and maintenance of the statutory fire equipment
  • Locking
  • Disposal of common and major garbage
  • Fire extinguishing and first aid equipment in the corridors

Department staff takes care of:

  • Maintenance and repair of non-fixed equipment
  • Handling of hazardous waste
  • Distribution of keys and key cards
  • Freezer alarms
  • Maintenance and repair of washing machines, autoclaves and flow benches
  • Fire extinguishing and first aid equipment in the labs

The staff's areas of work

Kristian Graf

has expertise in:

  • steel, metal, surface treatment and machining
  • plastic materials and processing thereof

Henrik Kolmos

has expertise in:

  • debugging of component failure on the circuit
  • troubleshooting of laboratory equipment
  • build-up of electronics in laboratory equipment
  • advice on the economic consequences associated with the repair of electronics equipment

Tasks for Kristian Graf and Henrik Kolmos:

Maintenance, troubleshooting, and mainly mechanical repairs on the following equipment:

  • autoclaves
  • dishwashers
  • osmosis water treatment plant
  • CO2 incubators
  • ice machines
  • millipore plant
  • pipettes
  • shaking incubators
  • vacuum pumps
  • centrifuges / ultracentrifuges
  • electronics tasks (Henrik)
  • all types of equipment found in the laboratories

Production of equipment

  • Some manufacture of new equipment for laboratories and teaching


  • Advice on the economic consequences of a possible repair or new purchase


Tom Aagaard Mortensen    

Service, maintenance. Troubleshooting on electrical controls and mechanical appliances.

Service manuals must be available! Not all suppliers will disclose service manuals and charts.

Service is given to Teaching, "Biokæden", the Science Park and iNANO whenever needed.

  • Autoclaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Ice machines
  • LAF-benches, testing and calibration (If the service manual is available)!
  • Water treatment
  • RO-plant, Science Park
  • Double destillation
  • Ultra pure water, Elga, Millipore, etc.
  • Incubators. Testing and calibration
  • Operation of climatic chambers
    - CTS/BMS system, alarm monitoring, power management and lighting control with DALI bus
    - Control of the humidity, temperature, ventilation, brightness and day rhythm
    - Brine and cooling, heating and humidity control, air circulation and air speeds
    - Cleaning.
    - Handling of biological crop protection and very little watering. Help with first-time setup of plants in chambers
  • Refrigerators and freezers / boxes + 5 / + 2 / -20 / -80 / -140
  • Alarm for freezers (-20, -80, -140C), fridges, cold rooms, climatic chambers, CO2 incubators, etc.
  • Freezing traps
  • Nitrogen generators
  • Jet suction
  • Climate cabinets
  • Drying cabinets
  • Pipettes
  • F-Gas authorisation. Updating of legislation governing the handling and use of refrigerants
  • Welding and brazing
  • Solving various special tasks for research
  • Assistance with the repair and/or purchases of equipment, as well as economic impact

Henning Buddig

has knowledge about:

  • debugging of component failure on print
  • troubleshooting of laboratory equipment
  • build-up of the electronics in the laboratory equipment
  • advice on the economic consequences for the repair of electronics equipment
  • solution for various special tasks for research
  • manufacture of new equipment for laboratories and teaching (to a lesser extent)

Maintenance, troubleshooting, and predominantly mechanical repairs on the following equipment: 

  • spectrophotometers
  • CO2 incubators
  • ultra water ELGA system
  • auto pipettes
  • shaking incubators
  • centrifuges
  • climate cabinets
  • drying cabinets
  • PCR machines
  • power supplies
  • HPLC stations
  • Gel Doc
  • UV light photo light etc.
  • microscopes
  • DC engines