MBG's HR partner is Dorte Dalsgaard Thomsen (contact information to the right)

Office hours at MBG

As a rule, MBG's HR partner, Dorte Dalsgaard Thomsen, has office hours at MBG on Wednesdays from 8:30-12:00. She is located at the Secretariat in Building 1872, room 540.

Tasks Dorte Dalsgaard Thomsen provides assistance

Dorte gives feedback and advice to the group leaders in relation to the following HR areas:


  • Long-term plans in relation to ensuring the ongoing succession of staff at the department
  • Individual profiles, in addition to the professional assessment of candidates for employment (by hiring a tenured researcher and a permanent technical and/or administrative position)
  • Dialogue, competent feedback and counseling recruitment (current rules, policies, diversity and gender equality, etc.)

Staff retention

  • Competent feedback and advice regarding annual staff development interview ("MUS")
  • Competent feedback and advice regarding career development
  • Competent feedback and advice regarding diversity and equality (cf. Action Plan for diversity and equality at AU)
  • Competent feedback and advice regarding absence due to illness etc.

Dorte states the following about himself:

I have worked with HR for a long time, but in a private company - it means that there is a lot for me to learn about the university world. It is important to me that my work adds value to MBG's business and that means I need to get to know the department and the organization. Therefore, I am also really glad that from the end of June I have the opportunity to be physically present at MBG.

Process optimization has been a big part of what I have been working on - including ensuring a better decision base on the basis of data. I am a big believer of visible processes and continuous improvements where it makes sense, also in relation to my own role.

Dorte can be contacted on: Tel .: 21 18 63 98 - Mail: - Skype / Teams.

Local administrative assistance in hiring

Postdocs, scientific assistants and technical/administrative staff

In connection with hiring postdocs, scientific assistants and technical/administrative staff, you can get administrative support from Helle Homann ( throughout the process.

Helle takes care of gathering the necessary information for the job add and forwards it to HR, and she handles the communication with HR as well. Once the positions are posted in Emply, Helle CC is on the emails sent from the recruitment system, helping to solve many of the practical tasks along the way, such as uploading assessments and status updates of candidates in Emply. Helle can also help solving any problems in Emply.

Assistant, Associate Professor and Professor positions

Scientific coordinator, Anne Færch Nielsen ( will assist with guidance in the use and solution of practical assignments in Emply when it comes to assistant professor, associate professor and professor positions. 

Guidelines for EMPLY