Support at Accounting

The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics has three entries to the Accounts Department:

  • Supplier issues - Jonna Knudsen - 87 15 34 98,
    Questions concerning: incoming invoices - both Danish and foreign in paper form, reminder inquiries from suppliers, payments to suppliers and transfers, EAN no. etc.
  • Person-related issues - Lene Priesborg - 87 15 35 02,
    Questions regarding travel reimbursements and expenses, credit card, password for and the use of AURUS, insurance cards, official cars, settlements for examiners and assessors, rules concerning meals, per diem, gifts, etc. and issues relating to air travel, etc.
  • Other inquiries 
    Questions concerning. billing, payments, overdue accounts, customs, installation directory, etc..
    For questions about. wages, employment contracts, recruitment procedures, severance, vacation pay, etc.. Refer to HR.

The Accounting Department's website.