Gene technology work

Internal rules and procedures for gene technology work

(Adopted at the Work Environment Committee meeting on 16 June 2010)

  1. Copies of all reports and subsequent approvals should be sent to the department administration (Birgitte Larsen), where the title of the project, the name of the person submitting the report, and the date of expiry are recorded in an individual database.
  2. Once a year – or no later than one month prior to the expiry date of the approval – Line L. Dvinge forwards a printout from the database to each of the group leaders, who should then submit a statement confirming that no new gene technology projects have been commenced without proper approval. When an appropriate deadline has expired, Line L. Dvinge sends a report to Erik Østergaard Jensen if any such statements are missing.
  3. In some circumstances, permission may be granted to commence gene technology projects after drawing up a safety assessment only. Prior to submission, however, this – or a complete application – should in all cases be approved by the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics’ Work Environment Committee represented by the relevant safety-at-work manager.
  4. All published works (appointments, reports, theses and dissertations, article manuscripts, etc.) concerning gene technology work should have a project approval reference.
  5. In purely practical terms, the reference is stated in connection with registration in PURE under notes/internal notes.