Persons responsible for spirits

Hand out of keys to the cupboard with ethanol:

  • The Science Park: Dorte Abildskov hands out keys to those responsible for spirits in the Science Park.
  • "Biokæden" (campus): Astrid van der Aa Kühle hands out keys to the spirits managers in "Biokæden".

Purchase of ethanol:

  • The Science Park: Shaun Ferguson buys ethanol and must be notified when there is no more ethanol.
  • "Biokæden": Astrid van der Aa Kühle buys ethanol and must be notified when there is no more.

List of persons who have got a key to the spirits cupboard at the two locations:

The Science Park



Annette Kjems

Building 3131, 2nd floor

Anni Christensen

Building  3131, 3rd floor

Susanne Vends

Building  3132, 0 floor

Lan Bich Van

Building  3132, 1st floor

Anna Marie Nielsen

Building  3132, 2nd floor

Tanja Klymchuk

Building  3132, 2nd floor

Bente Andersen

Building  3133, 1st floor

Lise Møller Fogh

Building  3133, 2nd floor

Pernille Rimmer Noer

Building  3133, 3rd floor

Ida Thøgersen

Building  3134, 0 floor

Shaun Ferguson

Bygning 3134, 1st and 2nd floor