Working in the Isotope lab

Isotope databases

Overview of isotope databases at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Biokæden" (campus)

When you take an aliquot from an isotope stock, you have to register the amount removed using a key-board instead of pen and paper.

Other locations where stocks of radiochemicals are stored: You can access the isotope database from any computer via the following links:


Access-codes are the same as in the hot-room (see below). Fill in all fields, including the volume withdrawn (microliters, integer). When you are done, log out.

If you later realize that you made an error typing the amount withdrawn, contact your purchaser.

The hot-room (1122-016B): You will find a lap-top with just two icons on the desktop: gamma P-32-ATP and alpha P-32 dATP. When you click the relevant icon, you will be prompted for access-codes (see below). When your codes are accepted, you will enter a sheet, where you have to fill in all fields marked with a *. This includes a field, in which you type how many microliters (integer!) you have withdrawn. When your withdrawal is registered, log out. If you forget to log out, your group leader will end up paying for all subsequent withdrawals from the particular vial.

The Science Park:


Isotoplog book (Word-file)

Basic rules for work in the Isotope lab

  • When handling larger amounts of radioisotopes, please use this lab, but do not leave any of your equipment and stuff down there.
  • The most recent user(s) will be required to decontaminate, if spillage is detected by a new user or in a routine inspection.
  • ONLY an authorized isotope purchaser is allowed to purchase radioisotopes, and that purchaser is obliged to maintain proper records of purchase and usage in the Isotope Database.
  • It is strictly forbidden to “import” radioisotope stock from the Institute’s other department, or any other unauthorized source.
  • Each group leader is required to teach any relevant staff or student members of his/her group how to handle radioisotopes safely and in accordance with the Institute’s Safety Instructions.

How to become a user


The users are persons with permission to withdraw radiochemicals from stock-vials. If you work with radiochemicals on a regular basis, you should register to become a user. In order to become a user, your purchaser must enter your name into the database.

Useful info: If you already have registered access to the hotroom, you are likely to be registered as “user” in the database. Check the database to see whether it works for you. If not, contact your purchaser for registration.

People authorised to buy isotopes

See list of people authorised to buy isotopes at "Biokæden" (campus), the Science Park and MBG iNANO. 

People instructed in how to work with radioactive substances

See list of people instructed in how to work with radioactive substances at "Biokæden" (campus), the Science Park and MBG iNANO.