People authorised to buy isotopes

Instruction of people working with open radioactive sources at the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, University of Aarhus

Before starting the laboratory work, all students must attend the course "Laboratory behaviour", which includes 26 slides on how to work with radioactive substances.

As a new employee or student, you get a lab review focusing on safety, including working with radioactive substances, before you can start lab work.

Both students and staff are also provided with the department's safety regulations in Danish or English, which contains 11 pages of relevant information.

When a person is going to start working with radioactive substances, personal instruction is made in the research group as well as by the isotope manager. The instruction has special focus on the work on the specific isotope, and includes information on personal protection equipment, control for contamination with the isotope, treatment of waste and assessment of whether a personal dosimeter should be used to control radiation exposure.

People authorised to buy isotopes at MBG University City

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Radiation protection coordinators Tinna Stevnsner ( og Niels Sandal (

Authorized isotope purchasers (alphabetical by last name)


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