Computer glasses/work clothes

Payment of/contribution towards footwear, clothing and computer glasses

Employees with group affiliation:

The research groups pay in principle for footwear (DKK 1,000) and computer glasses according to AU agreement (see below). Memo last section on computer glasses) for employees who have a group affiliation.

Financing can take place from the research groups external or internal funding. The group leader can decide to cover the full cost of footwear.

Employees without group affiliation:

The department covers the expenses for employees without group affiliation with the following amounts:

Contribution towards footwear for technicians, laboratory assistants, engineers and service staff


Max. DKK 1000 per year

Contribution towards work clothes for engineers and service staff


Max. DKK 1500 per year

Contribution towards computer glasses/safety glasses (see below)

Computer glasses/safety glasses

Aarhus University has made an agreement with various opticians for delivery of computer glasses and safety glasses fitted with corrective lenses

When requesting computer glasses or safety glasses with corrective lenses, you need to print a requisition from one of the companies with an agreement with the AU. The requisition must be completed and signed by either the group leader og the head of department before you take it to the optician.