PP plastic sorting

PP plastic sorting at MBG

GreenMBG has taken the initiative to sort PP plastic (polypropylene) into several fractions for the benefit of the environment. GreenMBG is working on making it possible to sort in even more fractions in the future.

GreenMBG has set up new containers for PP plastic in all hallways to make is easy to get rid of PP plastic for recycling..

How can we do it together?

  • We can sort PP plastic, hard plastic and soft plastic
  • The plastic waste must be clean and danger pictograms crossed out.
  • PP plastic is recognized by its label (triangle with “5” in the middle), “PP” or “polypropylene” and is collected in the new containers in the hallways (see examples on the lid)
  • New bags for PP-plastic can be found in the delivery room 1874-155 or you can have a local storage in your lab/hallway. Note that the bags are made of PP as well, so only these bags should be used for PP plastic
  • Other hard plastic and soft plastic is collected in the basement 1870-k11D. Use common waste bags to collect in the lab.
  • Plastic that has been contaminated with harsh chemicals or biological material should be disposed of as H-waste or autoclaved

Pick up of the PP plastic

Hounisen has agreed to pick up our PP plastic on each floor by the elevator in building 1874, so you should just place the bags with the PP plast by the elevator Tuesday afternoon.

The plastic is prepared for reuse at Aage Vestergaard Larsen A/S. Thereby we can reduce the use of virgin plastic and in addition save AU 3,5 kr/kg waste.

Right now there are four excess containers for PP plastic outside 1874-150 that you can take to your lab if needed. If there is need for additional containes you can write GreenMBG (green.mbg@list.au.dk).

More information on labbook.au.dk

Poster with an overview of PP plastic (download PowerPoint-file to hand in your lab)

Poster with hard plastic that is not PP plastic (download PowerPoint-file for hanging in your lab)