Registrering af ansøgninger

Instructions for registration of grant applications in "ReAp - Research Applications"

(Applies to MBG Aarhus only)

In order to make better department budgets, monitor the success rates at individual funding sources, as well as manage the coverage of fixed costs, we are now introducing a web-based registration of applications which should be used for all applications above 50,000 DKK.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Before submission, the application must be registered in ReAp
  • Before submission, the ReAp registration must be approved by department
  • After decision (acceptance/rejection)  your project finance administrator should be notified

Please note! If everything is properly registered in ReAp, it is not necessary to do anything further, e.g. send the applications to your project finance administrator, fill in “forklæde” etc.

Registration in ReAp – detailed procedure:

The system is accessed via this link: and by using your NFIT username and password (= same as your e-mail account).

The start page gives you an overview of your registered applications, and it is also where you have the ability to export data to Excel. Select the desired fields ("show dates", "show applied", "show granted" etc.) to filter the information displayed.

Select "New application" to register a new application.

Explanation of each field:

Application ID: is automatically assigned when the application is registered

Applicant: your NFIT username or AUID

Grant source: many foundations are already registered in the system. If the present foundation is not included, please enter the name.

Overhead: is filled in automatically for most foundations. If the foundation does not cover overhead, write 0%.

Project title: title of the project.

Status: the project's current status (in preparation, submitted, second stage, accepted, rejected)

Application date: date of application

Next update expected: date of next update. On this date the system will send a reminder to you and your project finance administrator. If you don’t know when to expect the next up-date, register a date 8 months from the application date.

Project start: date of start of the project

Project end: date of the termination of the project

Applied amount total, incl. partners and overhead: the total amount applied for

Applied amount to the dept., incl. overhead: the total amount applied for to MBG, i.e. the amount stated above, subtracted the external partners’ share (if no external partners, it will be the same amount as stated above).

Applied amount to the dept., incl. overhead, 2016/2017/2018 etc.: Your project finance administrator will fill in the exact amounts per year. Remember to attach the budget (see later)

Applied coverage of fixed costs 2016/2017/2018 etc.: Your project finance administrator will fill in the exact amounts per year. Remember to state the total amount that contributes to the coverage of fixed costs (should be 20% of the amount applied for, excluding overhead) and the budget heading (technician salary, full PhD stipend etc).

Application file (PDF or ZIP): Complete application or at least the budget is attached. VERY IMPORTANT, since this is how the project administrator gains access to the budget. If only the budget is attached the complete application should be send to your project finance administrator when the project is granted (see below).

Notes: State the total amount covering the fixed costs and explain how the coverage of fixed costs is calculated. Other relevant information may also be mentioned here.

Success probability: Leave blank (the head of department will fill in)

Approved by dept.: The department will tick off here to approve the application.

Economist: fill in the name of your project finance administrator. VERY IMPORTANT, since this is how the project finance administrator identifies the application.

Navision number: will be filled in by the project finance administrator.

When the application is granted/rejected, please notify your project finance administrator. You should send acceptance/rejection letter and the final application including budget to your project finance administrator.